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Will you receive what they promised you when you buy.

Will you receive what they promised you when you buy.

PromisesThis Blog is targeted to newcomers to Internet Marketing and is written by someone who was on the internet from it’s  inception but only found out recently what it takes to succeed in Internet Marketing. I am not new to the scams but I am new to effective Internet Marketing after taking a 30 day challenge of free coaching from an Internet Millionaire. I have for the first time made sales on the internet, they are four sales in my Click Bank account after one month and one other Affiliate sale. In this business they say the money is in the list and that is responsible for my poor performance so far. My budget does not allow me to spend  much money on my list. I have come up with the strategy that after two months I will suspend my subscription to the training and use that money to  build my list and hopefully my sales.

When I can afford the training out of my earnings online I will restart my training subscription. The training is very good and it will take a long time to implement what I have so far. The information is like taking a University course in Internet Marketing the only difference is you are not marked for the exercises you do but you get your marks in dollars depending on your performance. The other difference here is that at the University you put in time and study if you want to succeed here you have to put in time and money if you want to succeed. If you do not have much money you will start slowly but if you reinvest all your earnings in the beginning you will develop at a faster rate. My promise is to help my Downline by sharing the training, materials and experience I have accumulated with them so they will not have to spend their money unnecessary and make the same mistakes I did.

Every offer I see starts the same way, with the promoter  telling you how they were ripped off with  scams for years and now they have found or developed this fantastic product that will make you so much money. They say the products they tried promised so much and delivered so little or nothing at all. They try very hard to convince you that their product is not like the others, but if you listen carefully you’ll realise that their presentation follows the same routine as the others and most often their product is no better than the others.

I was in the Mail Order business before the internet existed and some Marketers would put a full page ad in magazines with no intention of supplying the product they advertised. They collected the money and moved from city to city when they were found out. With Internet Marketing it is so much easier to make money selling products that do not deliver what they promise, and the market has grown from a single city to customers worldwide.  I realised back in the year 2000 when I first tried to make money online, that the only people making money were those selling something and If I wanted to make money I had to find something to sell. At that time there was no one offering training on how to make money online so I gave up trying.

Next time you listen to a promotion of a product check their routine, they will tell you that their product is different, they wasted thousands of dollars before obtaining this product. They will tell you how much money it will make you and convince you that you must buy it right away or you would loose your life. They may even tell you that you will never see this offer or page again. They say that you  can get your money back within 30 days if you are not satisfied. Have you ever tried getting that money back. Before you buy these products you should Google them and see what people are saying about them, Check out their product reviews that are not sponsored or solicited by them.

Most important you MUST  check their fine print at the bottom of the page, because after telling you how much money people are making and how much you can make, below is what you can find in their Disclaimer.


” Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential. Even though this industry is one of the few where one can create their own earnings, there is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas in these materials. Examples and testimonials in these materials are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of earnings. Earning potential is entirely dependent on the person using our product, their ideas and techniques. The typical purchaser does not make any money using this system. We do not guarantee income or success.

One of the things they churp you with is a free website offer, but what they are offering you is just the content for a website and that content is advertising their product. To get the website up and running you have to purchase a domain name and pay for web hosting to advertise their products. As I see it, rather than getting a website free I have been tricked into paying to advertise their product with the hope of getting a commission. If you do not know what it takes to optimise that site and have the money to do it you will not make any commissions, so you will be out of pocket. In this business you have to spend money to make money. One of the most important tools you will need is an Auto Responder, I found one with a comprehensive packages of tools that is free for seven days with a very low monthly payment, less than $10.00. It also includes web hosting (you will only have to pay for the domain name) Video production  software, Video hosting, Training and it also provides an additional money stream with it’s 2 x 10 forced Matrix when you introduce others to use it.

An important thing you should practice is to reject the offer, despite how convinced you are by the presentation, if you plan to purchase it, reject it and bring back up the page a second time. You will find that in most cases when you leave the page you will be given a cheaper offer for the same product on the pop over page.


How to start building your Internet Marketing business and make money online.

How to start building your Internet Marketing business and make money online.

Making contact with buyers

To make money online you have to get in contact with other people online willing to buy whatever product or service you are selling. To get in contact with these online buyers there are mainly two routes you have to get in contact with them.


Route 1. SEO  (Search Engine Optimization)
Route 2. Email Marketing

Route 1 entails doing all the things that are necessary to get the page advertising your product or service ranked on page one of the search engine pages and preferably in position number one. That is where you will be raking in the money for that particular keyword or phrase you are ranking for.

Since Google is the most popular search engine most people will optimize their pages to rank on page one of the Google search engine for their particular keyword or phrase. With this system you have to keep your fingers crossed that Google will not introduce an update that will put your page out of the top rankings. Some people who have been making hundreds of dollars a day from their pages Google rankings, wake up one morning after a Google update to find that their business is no longer making money. This is because their sales page is no longer ranked high on Google as a result of the update. This could be heart breaking for some people, especially if they depended on their Google ranked pages alone to make money for their business. (They had all their eggs in one basket).

Another way of getting your product or service in front of potential buyers searching for it, is to buy ads from Google ad-words program.  Your ad will be placed next to the search results the potential buyers see when they search for your keyword or phrase. This method of advertising  is called Pay Per Click (PPC). Which is really Cost Per Click (CPC). You only pay when someone clicks on your ad. If you can’t get your site optimized to land on the first page you can pay to get it there.

Building your list

Route 2, the other main route, will entail you having your own list of potential buyers who have given you permission to send them emails which is managed by an Autoresponder. This permission is usually granted through opt-in forms which they fill in to receive information, a product or a service from you usually for free.

It is said that the money is in the list, the Guru’s and experts say that each member of your list is worth $1.00 per month. Depending on the relationship you develop and have with your list members, that value could be higher. Having access to your own list does not depend on the whims and fancies of any third party, who can change their method of operation overnight and put you out of business. It is your list which you have invested time and money to build and no one can take it from you like with SEO.

Now how do you get people to join your list? You have to get your offer in front of them.
How do you do that? Either by:


Using free advertising

There are a lot of free advertising programs you can join, where you watch other members ads and gain credits which you then use to run your own ads.

These programs always have upgrades where you can pay to run your ads. That is how they make their money. You can either exchange your money or your time to get your ad run. Like everything else traffic also has quality. I would think most people do the same thing I do on the free traffic sites. Run the ad and do something else while the time required to watch it elapses so you get your credits and move on to the next ad. Very, very few of them will catch my attention unless there is something exceptional about that ad.

My results using free advertising has been very, very poor. And it takes a lot of time managing the placement of free ads. The people who get results that are worth the effort from free advertising must have programs that do their posting automatically for them.

Paying to advertise

With paid advertising you can choose where you want your ad to appear, so you can target the clientele you want to attract. As mentioned before you can purchase Google ad words PPC or advertise with any other popular search engine. This method shows your ad to people who are searching for what you are offering, so they are much more likely to buy what they are searching for.

Using Solo Ads

Probably the most popular method of paid advertising for Internet Marketers is to build your own list through Solo ads. You pay someone who has already built up their list to send out your ad to their list members. They will guarantee you that X number of people will click on the link to open your ad for a particular price. But they will not guarantee you that any one will take up your free offer or buy your product or service thereby opting into your list. Solo ads are sold by the number of clicks you want usually in multiples of fifty.

Getting prospects to click to open your email is highly dependent on the quality of the title of your email and getting them to take up your offer is dependent on the quality of your sales page or ad. Here again quality is important as  to who you buy your solo ads from. All lists are not equal. Like everything else online, there are Scammers offering Solo ads for sale. I recently came across a site that exposes Solo ad Scammers and list results of it’s members Solo ad runs.

If you are contemplating running a Solo ad, before you contact the Vendor you should have done your due diligence. (Checked them out) You can simply Google their name and see what comes up. To find Solo ad Vendors you can use your favorite search engine, check out the relevant groups on the social media sites or check the

You should contact the Vendor to find out if they had ran the same program you are promoting recently. Also find out if they would run your program. Some Vendors only run free offers and some state a list of popular programs that they do not run. This is because they list members are tired of seeing them and would not click on them. That is why it is important for you to make that inquiry because you will get a better response from a list that is seeing your offer for the first time.

While all Solo ad Vendors will only guarantee you the number of clicks you purchased, I came across one Vendor who guarantees you not only the number of clicks but X number of opt-ins from those clicks. This is a great deal since the cost per opt-in is way cheaper than it works out with other Vendors. With this Vendor you pay $1.00 or less per opt-in. See for yourself here

Free training

As a beginner when you start promoting products and programs you most likely will use your affiliate link to send your prospects straight to the sales page you are promoting. That is what I did until I learnt about building a list and building my business. You can check my Blog on how to get free training from Internet Marketing Millionaires here:

The heart of your system

autoresponder quoteOne might ask, what mechanism do you use to build and manage your list.
To build your list you must get an Autoresponder and it makes sense to use the best one. It will capture the name and email address and any other information you want to collect about the prospect from the opt-in form. It then places them on your relevant list and sends out mailings to them automatically as you have scheduled.

Instead of putting your affiliate link in your Solo ad, you put a link to your squeeze page which contains your opt-in form which is linked to your Autoresponder. The thank you page in the opt-in form will be your affiliate link page, this way you will capture the leads and build your list before sending them to your affiliate program sales page. You can now follow up with these leads and send them other offers using your Autoresponder without having to pull your pocket for advertising.

There are a number of Autoresponders out there but over 90 % of the Guru’s use the most popular one. I have received mail from the owner of another Autoresponder powered by the most popular one, that should tell you how good it is. You can check it out here and start building your list.

Keeping track of what you are doing

In order to get maximum benefits out  of your advertising dollars you will have to keep track of the results you get from each method of advertising you use. You will want to know which Solo ad Vendor gets you the most opt-ins or sales for a particular niche and which free advertising site gets you any results. You will also want to test the headlines in your emails etc. to see which gets the better response. You have to keep tweaking and testing the methods you use until you are getting the maximum results you can.

To gather this information you will need a tracking system, the one I use is free up to a certain number of clicks per month. When I am running Solo ads and the clicks exceed that number I will upgrade for one month. The next month if I am not running Solo ads to exceed the free limit, I will down grade my account back to free. I only pay for my tracking program when my clicks exceed the free limit in one month. This is a good deal for beginners on a tight budget, you can check it out here.



How to get free Internet Marketing Training

How to get free Internet Marketing Training

Free IM Training

Free Internet Marketing

Training for new comers

If you are a new comer to internet Marketing you need to read this blog right now, because you will find out how to get a blue print that will put you on the path to Internet Riches making money online from a successful online marketer.

You do not have to wander around for years before you start making money or give up because all your efforts fail.  You just have to follow the tried and proven steps taken by this Internet Marketing Millionaire which he giving you for free. This training information is worth thousands of dollars and I know you are finding it hard to believe that an Internet Marketer would give it away free when normally you have to pay GURU’s $97.00 monthly for coaching.

Newbie training
In the long term he is benefiting by giving you this training free, because you will become a member of his list and he will be able to sell you his products and affiliate products he is promoting down the road. I have purchased a few of his products so far which shows his technique works, because he gains your trust. To get access to his 100 free lessons on every topic that you will need to start making money online, fill in your name and email address in the form on the right and click “Send me Training Info”.

My Path to Internet Riches

My Path to Internet Riches

Dollar sign

Hello everyone, I have been trying since the year 2000 when I had been paid out from my lifetime job to make money online. I soon realised I was not on the path to Internet Riches, that all I was doing was buying pieces of programs that did not work on their own.

I also realised that you had to be selling something to make money online. My problem was how do I get setup to sell something online? Sometimes you would take up an offer at a reasonable price, but as soon as you pay for that and they had you hooked in their sales funnel you are introduced to another part that is more expensive which you must have in order for the first part to work. Then when you pay for the second part you are introduced to a third more expensive part that is required for the first two to work and so on.

They never told you how these programs would work together to make money online, they were just interested in selling you the pieces of programs they were offering. Eventually I got tired of being scammed and gave up on my dream of a path to Internet Riches and making money online. Even though I had given up, out of curiosity I would take up cheap offers, but they all turned out to be the same as before. The cheap offer was just the hook to get you into their sales funnel to commit to the more expensive programs to follow.

Because of my past experience when I saw an offer to get free training for 30 days on Internet Marketing showing you how to become an Internet Millionaire by just donating $1.00 to charity I was not interested. What I did not realise at the time, was this offer was for training and not for buying a program or part to make money online. It was only after I saw one of my friends on Facebook posted that he had taken up the challenge that I decided to look at the offer.

I looked at the offer, it sounded interesting and genuine so I took up the training challenge. The challenge was to be able to start making sufficient money before the 30 days were up to pay the training subscription fee  which would start on day 31.


Tools needed to start Online Marketing

After starting the training I learned for the first time what it took to put a system together to make money online. I learned how the individual parts people were selling you fitted to gether to make a system that works. The training gave me information on the parts I needed and where to find them. My challenge being on a low-budget was to get the required parts that were either free or cheap.

I needed to start with:



Once you put your parts together and have your system ready to run you need fuel to get it running and fuel costs money, I realised that the more fuel you put in the faster it would run. Being on a low-budget and not being able to afford much fuel my system was moving slowly along the path to Internet Riches.

You will hear that the money is in the list, and to build up your list you have to buy Solo Ads which is the fuel I referred to, the more you can buy the quicker you will build up your list. Of course you can get free Solo Ads too but you will have to determine whether your results is worth the effort you have to put in with the free Solo Ads.

Solo Ad Vendors will only guarantee you the amount of clicks which you purchase, they will not guarantee you anyone will opt-in or purchase your offer. I found a great offer for Solo Ads, this Vendor guarantees you 20 opt-ins from over 200 + clicks for $20. I got my best results from this Vendor and made my first sales promoting this product. You should check it out here. The cost per opt-in works out much cheaper.

After taking this free training and learning how the system works and what is needed I saw an ad with a GURU showing people he met for the first time how to make money in 1 hour. My curiosity got the better of me because I know the process takes time to bear fruit, I wanted to see this miracle system he had and I took the bait.  When I attempted to pay for his offer I realised it was the same old scenario over again, I ended up spending approximately $170.00 for three offers for his system to work. If you decline the offers you will get the same offer cheaper on the pop over page, that’s how come I ended up buying the offers.

When I examined the information I realised there was nothing miraculous about it and I had been scammed again. The information was the same as what I was getting in my free offer, the money is in the list. DO NOT LET ANYONE FOOL YOU THEY CAN START FROM SCRATCH AND MAKE MONEY ONLINE IN ONE HOUR. It takes some time to build your list.

Link to free Training

If you are interested in getting free training to learn how to make money online check out this post in my Blog or fill in the form on the right to receive the links to the sites offering free training. You will get information overload so you should record what you are taught so you can refer to it after 30 days if you do not subscribe. You will also get the links to free Internet Marketing training by other Internet Millionaires.