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Money Making Ideas

Money Making Ideas

Money making ideas
I need money

Welcome to all my new subscribers, I have reached the three year anniversary mark checking out money making ideas in Internet marketing. I have been suffering from SOS and it is difficult to get out of the loop. If you do not know what is SOS, it means Shiny Object Syndrome, that is when you keep buying new programs and never following through with one to be successful with it.

It is not that you will make money from all of these money making ideas, most of them promise a lot and delivers little if anything. Some you will have to work so hard to achieve any results it is not worth it. As you spend more time on the Internet your experience will allow you to sift out the trash with enticing sales presentations as you follow your quest for easy ways to make money fast and develop a residual income from home based jobs.

One reason for all of the low quality product offers coming at you, is because in your training, the trainers tend to fast track you to make money online in Internet Marketing. They teach that when you reach a certain stage you should choose one of your money making ideas to produce a product for sale. They encourage using quick ways to make money, and that is what some students do produce something for sale.


In their quest to make quick money they would buy a PLR product with resell rights and rebrand it and market this product, it is mostly and E-book. There could be hundreds of other marketers selling the same E-book by different titles. Usually the information found in these PLR E-books can be found free on the Internet if you search for it. If you are interested in getting free training in Internet Marketing by a successful Guru, check out my blog on free training. You will also receive links to other useful free training which I have accumulated over the years I have been in Internet Marketing.

Because I have bought a number of cheap courses and programs below $100.00 my mailboxes are filled every day with offers for money making ideas from these sellers. Sometimes you notice a program that entices you for the price it is going at. Before you can follow through on that offer another one comes along and the cycle goes on. They are some people who offer you a new product every month, the training they offer for these products are lacking. They do not have the time to devote to proper training or customer service because they are busy working on their next project and you are left with crap.

As newbies to Internet Marketing you have to realise the stage you are at. In school you go from Nursery to Kinder Garden to Primary to Secondary etc. In Primary school you would not attempt to do the problems done in Secondary School. Similarly in Internet Marketing you have to realise the stage you are at, and that for many of the offers you get, you are not at the stage to use them.

People show you and tell you how much money they made with this system they are selling but if you do not have a list the size of theirs you cannot make that money. You would have to concentrate on building your list first so you have prospects to buy what you are selling.

As a newbie, because you do not know any better, the so called Gurus have you spending your money promoting their businesses under the guise that you are going to make money.
You have to make sure you are promoting your own business and not someone else’s. The training I got when I started, guided me in that direction. I spent what little money I could afford for a long time advertising this business and never made a cent. Then when I could not afford the $97.00 a month fee any longer, they cut you off completely, you could not even benefit from any affiliate commissions that came along after.


Money making IdeasThe latest marketing tool being used now is the webinar. A webinar is like an online seminar with the developer of some program or system that helps to make you money explaining how it works and how much money using his system will make you.
Usually they will explain the manual steps that are done by the program, these are usually very time consuming operations. If you are invited to attend a webinar you should listen and take note of these steps because you will be able to use them to help in your business if you are like me that have the time and not the money to buy.

These seminars usually last one, two or three hours and when they finish and you hear the price of the product on offer it is usually a few hundred dollars. It is normally a price I cannot afford so I take note of the manual steps they explain up front. Most of the time they are useful techniques that will help you to make money that I had not known before.
So if you cannot afford the program and you can afford the time you can still benefit from attending some webinars.

After three years of trying to figure out how to make money online and looking for the easy ways to make money in Internet Marketing. I realised that I am not going to be successful trying to get a residual income by cheap or free methods. The training I got initially taught me to build a list by buying solo ads., my trainer is of the opinion that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is more difficult especially for a beginner.

Solo Ads.

I started buying Solo ads. at an average cost of $40.00 – $50.00 for 100 clicks, they just guaranteed clicks and not opt-ins. Of the people that opted into your list from these Solo ads. you get about a three percent response from them. (I later found a program that guaranteed 20 opt-ins for $20.00)

There is a list of free-bee seekers and there is a list of buyers. When you see a Solo Ad. seller saying they will only mail out free offers, you know their list is made up of Free-Bee seekers and you will be wasting your money, because their list will not respond to anything that is not free, that is why the seller makes that condition.

You can check and track the clicks you get from your mailings using a program called Click Meter. You can get up to 1000 clicks or events tracked a month free. If you are doing a mailing and you go over this limit you can pay for that month for a higher limit plan and go back to the free plan when the mailing is over and your events or clicks go back below 1000.
After I got suspicious about the optins I was receiving, I used a program called “” to check the email addresses I received. I discovered that between 40 to 50 perccent of the addresses I got were invalid from verified sellers. Being disenchanted with this revelation I stopped buying solo Ads. and spent some money to do a Search Engine Optimization course.


Money making ideasThis SEO course cost over $1k, it was the first time I spent that kind of money for IM training. I was introduced to a lot of training I never got in the free and cheap training but the tools needed to work with cost a good penny. The tools they introduced you to had a monthly rental fee and I could not afford these tools and pay for the course at the same time. I solved that problem by purchasing similar tools for a one time payment that did a similar job. In one case I had to buy two programs to get all the functions of one of the courses they recommended. But for two payments I have access for life to all the features which I would only have had for two months with their recommended program.

Because of this SEO training I received, instead of just writing this blog to you, I have to back and write it for Google’s machine to optimize it for my keywords. See if you can tell what keywords I am ranking for.

I hope you have found some information in this blog that will help you in selecting the right money making ideas while doing your online jobs from home to build a residual income and make money fast.


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