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Is honesty still the best policy?

Is honesty still the best policy


honesty_best_policy_338925We have been hearing that saying all our lives but some of us Newbies or beginners in Internet Marketing looking to make money online will ask ourselves if honesty is still the best policy when you consider your experiences online.  In my dealings with some large and long established reputable companies I discovered they have resorted to using some questionable tactics. I would make a purchase thinking it is a one time payment and then discover that I have made a recurring payment agreement. They would have hidden some clause in the fine print, which they know you would not read.


On the internet everyone is trying to sell you a product to make you rich, but they are not trying to get rich from using the their own product they are selling. They are trying to get rich from selling you the product, because most of these products do not work and some of them entails a lot of hard work to make any money. I realised a long time ago that if you want to make money on the Internet you have to sell something and so far I am still just buying. Some sellers cut a lot of corners and bend the truth sometimes a little too far in trying to convince people to buy their products.

Some email marketers use a dishonest strategy to get you to open their emails by using topics which indicate you have won money, I do not know how many times you will be fooled by those topics, but the senders seem to think they will fool you every time. I delete emails with those topics without opening them along with the spam. Here is a list of some of the topics I am referring to:

Collect Your $1500 Immediately

Notification of payment – You just earned $175

Payment for (my email address)($700 is due) our records show you have $700 in unclaimed commissions.

I want to send you $497 in commissions.

Re: Your Bank Account Deposit

Re: Your account has been credited

The senders of emails with the above topics should know that they cannot fool experienced Marketers with such crap so they must be targeting beginners. I would think you would only fool the average beginner once or twice but since they continue to do it they must be getting results, so dishonesty may be working for them.


Can you afford not to be honest


HonestyRecently I checked out an email that arrived in my inbox from a Guru offering a 21 step system guaranteed to make you at least $1,000 within 30 days or he will pay you $500 cash.

He said the internet is broken and 99% of the people who try to make money online fail.

He said Gurus want $100’s or $1,000’s for their products before you can make money with them.

He said this brings up the question,  if these programs actually work why wouldn’t these Gurus wait until after you made money to get paid.

Now that is a question I keep asking myself, if these programs are guaranteed to make money easily why not let me pay after I have made some money. This is where he began to arouse my curiosity.

So he said he will fix the Internet once and for all.

He understands that you are here because you need money, you need to see results before spending money on any more expensive products or training programs.

He said he was going to grant you access to a proven money making system and guarantee that you will make at least $1,000 within 30 days or he will pay you $500 cash.


At this stage he introduced a $49 real person deposit for application to try the system since he would only take suitable persons and the fee would weed out the tire kickers. All of a sudden you realize this system is not free to try, still being curios I decided to Google this program, I make it a habit to Google any product or program I am interested in buying to see what experiences others are having with the said product.  I went to a forum discussion on this program and it turned out quite interesting because he promised if you carry out the 21 steps and did not make $1,000 he would give you $500 but there is something he for got to tell you before you started.


This is how one of his participants explained it:

Then, surprise!!!!! At around the end of the first week I was informed I had to buy a MOBE license for $1997 in order to continue.

If you failed after that you would still be out of pocket over $1,500 just for trying. The question was asked in the forum if he will return the $49 if you failed, but I cannot remember seeing an answer to that question.


A few of his Guru friends who had made money from the program came to his rescue and defended the program, the Gurus work together to make their millions in joint ventures and other ways. A Guru with financial resources can easily pay the $1,997 to continue but most beginners would have had to forgo their $49 at that stage because he was not honest in his advertising the program. A number of people criticized him for not being honest in advertising the program and not telling you about the $1,997 you had to fork out in order to complete the 21 steps. I do not think the people who criticized him would buy that product or any product he has to offer in the future.


As a Guru and already proclaimed millionaire he will get over this and still continue to make money, but as a beginner if you tried something like that you may never get off the ground. You have to start by building trust with your followers and potential customers which is one of the definitions of HONESTY.
To start building your potential customers list  go here.


Following is the link to the forum if you want to check it out.





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