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Money Making Ideas

Money Making Ideas

Money making ideas

I need money

Welcome to all my new subscribers, I have reached the three year anniversary mark checking out money making ideas in Internet marketing. I have been suffering from SOS and it is difficult to get out of the loop. If you do not know what is SOS, it means Shiny Object Syndrome, that is when you keep buying new programs and never following through with one to be successful with it.

It is not that you will make money from all of these money making ideas, most of them promise a lot and delivers little if anything. Some you will have to work so hard to achieve any results it is not worth it. As you spend more time on the Internet your experience will allow you to sift out the trash with enticing sales presentations as you follow your quest for easy ways to make money fast and develop a residual income from home based jobs.

One reason for all of the low quality product offers coming at you, is because in your training, the trainers tend to fast track you to make money online in Internet Marketing. They teach that when you reach a certain stage you should choose one of your money making ideas to produce a product for sale. They encourage using quick ways to make money, and that is what some students do produce something for sale.


In their quest to make quick money they would buy a PLR product with resell rights and rebrand it and market this product, it is mostly and E-book. There could be hundreds of other marketers selling the same E-book by different titles. Usually the information found in these PLR E-books can be found free on the Internet if you search for it. If you are interested in getting free training in Internet Marketing by a successful Guru, check out my blog on free training. You will also receive links to other useful free training which I have accumulated over the years I have been in Internet Marketing.

Because I have bought a number of cheap courses and programs below $100.00 my mailboxes are filled every day with offers for money making ideas from these sellers. Sometimes you notice a program that entices you for the price it is going at. Before you can follow through on that offer another one comes along and the cycle goes on. They are some people who offer you a new product every month, the training they offer for these products are lacking. They do not have the time to devote to proper training or customer service because they are busy working on their next project and you are left with crap.

As newbies to Internet Marketing you have to realise the stage you are at. In school you go from Nursery to Kinder Garden to Primary to Secondary etc. In Primary school you would not attempt to do the problems done in Secondary School. Similarly in Internet Marketing you have to realise the stage you are at, and that for many of the offers you get, you are not at the stage to use them.

People show you and tell you how much money they made with this system they are selling but if you do not have a list the size of theirs you cannot make that money. You would have to concentrate on building your list first so you have prospects to buy what you are selling.

As a newbie, because you do not know any better, the so called Gurus have you spending your money promoting their businesses under the guise that you are going to make money.
You have to make sure you are promoting your own business and not someone else’s. The training I got when I started, guided me in that direction. I spent what little money I could afford for a long time advertising this business and never made a cent. Then when I could not afford the $97.00 a month fee any longer, they cut you off completely, you could not even benefit from any affiliate commissions that came along after.


Money making IdeasThe latest marketing tool being used now is the webinar. A webinar is like an online seminar with the developer of some program or system that helps to make you money explaining how it works and how much money using his system will make you.
Usually they will explain the manual steps that are done by the program, these are usually very time consuming operations. If you are invited to attend a webinar you should listen and take note of these steps because you will be able to use them to help in your business if you are like me that have the time and not the money to buy.

These seminars usually last one, two or three hours and when they finish and you hear the price of the product on offer it is usually a few hundred dollars. It is normally a price I cannot afford so I take note of the manual steps they explain up front. Most of the time they are useful techniques that will help you to make money that I had not known before.
So if you cannot afford the program and you can afford the time you can still benefit from attending some webinars.

After three years of trying to figure out how to make money online and looking for the easy ways to make money in Internet Marketing. I realised that I am not going to be successful trying to get a residual income by cheap or free methods. The training I got initially taught me to build a list by buying solo ads., my trainer is of the opinion that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is more difficult especially for a beginner.

Solo Ads.

I started buying Solo ads. at an average cost of $40.00 – $50.00 for 100 clicks, they just guaranteed clicks and not opt-ins. Of the people that opted into your list from these Solo ads. you get about a three percent response from them. (I later found a program that guaranteed 20 opt-ins for $20.00)

There is a list of free-bee seekers and there is a list of buyers. When you see a Solo Ad. seller saying they will only mail out free offers, you know their list is made up of Free-Bee seekers and you will be wasting your money, because their list will not respond to anything that is not free, that is why the seller makes that condition.

You can check and track the clicks you get from your mailings using a program called Click Meter. You can get up to 1000 clicks or events tracked a month free. If you are doing a mailing and you go over this limit you can pay for that month for a higher limit plan and go back to the free plan when the mailing is over and your events or clicks go back below 1000.
After I got suspicious about the optins I was receiving, I used a program called “” to check the email addresses I received. I discovered that between 40 to 50 perccent of the addresses I got were invalid from verified sellers. Being disenchanted with this revelation I stopped buying solo Ads. and spent some money to do a Search Engine Optimization course.


Money making ideasThis SEO course cost over $1k, it was the first time I spent that kind of money for IM training. I was introduced to a lot of training I never got in the free and cheap training but the tools needed to work with cost a good penny. The tools they introduced you to had a monthly rental fee and I could not afford these tools and pay for the course at the same time. I solved that problem by purchasing similar tools for a one time payment that did a similar job. In one case I had to buy two programs to get all the functions of one of the courses they recommended. But for two payments I have access for life to all the features which I would only have had for two months with their recommended program.

Because of this SEO training I received, instead of just writing this blog to you, I have to back and write it for Google’s machine to optimize it for my keywords. See if you can tell what keywords I am ranking for.

I hope you have found some information in this blog that will help you in selecting the right money making ideas while doing your online jobs from home to build a residual income and make money fast.


Is honesty still the best policy?

Is honesty still the best policy


honesty_best_policy_338925We have been hearing that saying all our lives but some of us Newbies or beginners in Internet Marketing looking to make money online will ask ourselves if honesty is still the best policy when you consider your experiences online.  In my dealings with some large and long established reputable companies I discovered they have resorted to using some questionable tactics. I would make a purchase thinking it is a one time payment and then discover that I have made a recurring payment agreement. They would have hidden some clause in the fine print, which they know you would not read.


On the internet everyone is trying to sell you a product to make you rich, but they are not trying to get rich from using the their own product they are selling. They are trying to get rich from selling you the product, because most of these products do not work and some of them entails a lot of hard work to make any money. I realised a long time ago that if you want to make money on the Internet you have to sell something and so far I am still just buying. Some sellers cut a lot of corners and bend the truth sometimes a little too far in trying to convince people to buy their products.

Some email marketers use a dishonest strategy to get you to open their emails by using topics which indicate you have won money, I do not know how many times you will be fooled by those topics, but the senders seem to think they will fool you every time. I delete emails with those topics without opening them along with the spam. Here is a list of some of the topics I am referring to:

Collect Your $1500 Immediately

Notification of payment – You just earned $175

Payment for (my email address)($700 is due) our records show you have $700 in unclaimed commissions.

I want to send you $497 in commissions.

Re: Your Bank Account Deposit

Re: Your account has been credited

The senders of emails with the above topics should know that they cannot fool experienced Marketers with such crap so they must be targeting beginners. I would think you would only fool the average beginner once or twice but since they continue to do it they must be getting results, so dishonesty may be working for them.


Can you afford not to be honest


HonestyRecently I checked out an email that arrived in my inbox from a Guru offering a 21 step system guaranteed to make you at least $1,000 within 30 days or he will pay you $500 cash.

He said the internet is broken and 99% of the people who try to make money online fail.

He said Gurus want $100’s or $1,000’s for their products before you can make money with them.

He said this brings up the question,  if these programs actually work why wouldn’t these Gurus wait until after you made money to get paid.

Now that is a question I keep asking myself, if these programs are guaranteed to make money easily why not let me pay after I have made some money. This is where he began to arouse my curiosity.

So he said he will fix the Internet once and for all.

He understands that you are here because you need money, you need to see results before spending money on any more expensive products or training programs.

He said he was going to grant you access to a proven money making system and guarantee that you will make at least $1,000 within 30 days or he will pay you $500 cash.


At this stage he introduced a $49 real person deposit for application to try the system since he would only take suitable persons and the fee would weed out the tire kickers. All of a sudden you realize this system is not free to try, still being curios I decided to Google this program, I make it a habit to Google any product or program I am interested in buying to see what experiences others are having with the said product.  I went to a forum discussion on this program and it turned out quite interesting because he promised if you carry out the 21 steps and did not make $1,000 he would give you $500 but there is something he for got to tell you before you started.


This is how one of his participants explained it:

Then, surprise!!!!! At around the end of the first week I was informed I had to buy a MOBE license for $1997 in order to continue.

If you failed after that you would still be out of pocket over $1,500 just for trying. The question was asked in the forum if he will return the $49 if you failed, but I cannot remember seeing an answer to that question.


A few of his Guru friends who had made money from the program came to his rescue and defended the program, the Gurus work together to make their millions in joint ventures and other ways. A Guru with financial resources can easily pay the $1,997 to continue but most beginners would have had to forgo their $49 at that stage because he was not honest in his advertising the program. A number of people criticized him for not being honest in advertising the program and not telling you about the $1,997 you had to fork out in order to complete the 21 steps. I do not think the people who criticized him would buy that product or any product he has to offer in the future.


As a Guru and already proclaimed millionaire he will get over this and still continue to make money, but as a beginner if you tried something like that you may never get off the ground. You have to start by building trust with your followers and potential customers which is one of the definitions of HONESTY.
To start building your potential customers list  go here.


Following is the link to the forum if you want to check it out.





Falling victim to the Hype / Will a free webpage benefit you

Internet MarketingRecently I had to request a few refunds for programs on Internet Marketing and How To Make Money Online that I bought. In one case the seller had his program set up to work with a particular web hosting and domain name supplier. Since I already pay for web hosting when I tried to set the program to install on my web domain it would not work, and I got no assistance to get it working beside try a different browser. In another case I was being charged monthly for information I thought I bought and paid for one time. I am still trying to find out what trick they used to charge me monthly.

It seems like the more these guys condemn the Guru’s for ripping you off and trying to win your confidence the more you can expect to be ripped off by them. I would say to them let their program do the talking. Because after all the long pretty talk they give you on their sales video the program they are selling you is not going to work on it’s own. One of them tried to sell me nearly ten additional programs before I could finalize the initial purchase, I got tired refusing offers of other programs. And of course that initial program did not work on it’s own I would have to buy a more expensive program to go with that one. And to get all the benefits of the particular system you have to purchase one or in some cases a few more programs costing more money. They use the low priced one at the bottom of the funnel as bait and when you bite at that one then they unleash the more expensive ones further up the funnel on you.  I think some of these people misinterpret the meaning of “Sales Funnel”. They pack a whole set of programs which make up their system into the funnel with the cheapest one first at the bottom. They sell this cheap one in their video making you believe that is the whole system but when you purchase it before you can finalize the sale they present you with the other more expensive programs that it takes to make the system work.

There are many sellers out there offering you free web pages, most newcomers would be eager to get a free webpage but will it be of any use to you when you receive it. To convert that page into a website that can be viewed on the Internet you first have to get a domain name and register it and second you have to pay for hosting the page on the Internet. You can purchase your domain name and get your hosting from that is where this site is hosted, they will tell you the more years you pay for hosting up front the more favorable Google will rank your page. You will have to pay a fee yearly for the domain name and a yearly fee for hosting, now the big task begins of getting your site ranked on the first page of a search  engine so it can be of use to you. Unless as a beginner you are going to dedicate your time to learning to become an expert at Search Engine Optimization you will have to spend some money to optimize your webpage or pay someone to do it.

Sometimes my curiosity gets the best of me after hearing their sales pitch, but I restrict myself to purchasing through PayPal. Despite their offer to return your money in 60 days or 30 days, with PayPal you are sure to get your money refunded within 45 days.

How to stop spam from your inbox

Hello all you Internet Marketing newbies, have you ever had your email inbox flooded with spam email after opting in to accept some free offer? Have you ever found yourself not receiving emails because your inbox was full of junk and you constantly had to be clearing it out so you can receive your normal emails? I have suffered that fate on a number of occasions after entering my email address for some offer. Because of that there were many offers I would have liked to investigate but did not because of the fear of spam, I most likely missed out on some profitable offers because of the fear of spam.

When I started my Internet Marketing Training I was introduced to ViralInbox The worlds largest and fastest growing Email service provider which solved all my spam problems. I am now free to check out any offer I am interested in without worrying about spam. I must say I have discovered some interesting offers some of which I have taken up. I have also started receiving above industry-average commissions for members I have recruited. When I see an offer I am interested in I will make up an email address which identifies the individual offer, the actual email address is created when mail is sent to it. When I go to my dashboard I will approve the mailbox and access the mail, if it turns out to be spam filled I will delete it, easy so spam managed.

  • ViralInbox will allow you to create a new unique address for every opt in you accept, if it results in spam you can delete that email address.
  • You will manage multiple email addresses from a single dashboard.
  • You will not be a slave to your inbox anymore.
  • You will have your emails sorted automatically.
  • You can earn credits to send your Solo Ads to 2000 plus members.
  • Advertise your products and services free.
  • Earn above industry-average commissions and build a huge downline to 8 levels.

Stop missing out on profitable offers because of spam go here for ViralInbox






Will you receive what they promised you when you buy.

PromisesThis Blog is targeted to newcomers to Internet Marketing and is written by someone who was on the internet from it’s  inception but only found out recently what it takes to succeed in Internet Marketing. I am not new to the scams but I am new to effective Internet Marketing after taking a 30 day challenge of free coaching from an Internet Millionaire. I have for the first time made sales on the internet, they are four sales in my Click Bank account after one month and one other Affiliate sale. In this business they say the money is in the list and that is responsible for my poor performance so far. My budget does not allow me to spend  much money on my list. I have come up with the strategy that after two months I will suspend my subscription to the training and use that money to  build my list and hopefully my sales.

When I can afford the training out of my earnings online I will restart my training subscription. The training is very good and it will take a long time to implement what I have so far. The information is like taking a University course in Internet Marketing the only difference is you are not marked for the exercises you do but you get your marks in dollars depending on your performance. The other difference here is that at the University you put in time and study if you want to succeed here you have to put in time and money if you want to succeed. If you do not have much money you will start slowly but if you reinvest all your earnings in the beginning you will develop at a faster rate. My promise is to help my Downline by sharing the training, materials and experience I have accumulated with them so they will not have to spend their money unnecessary and make the same mistakes I did.

Every offer I see starts the same way, with the promoter  telling you how they were ripped off with  scams for years and now they have found or developed this fantastic product that will make you so much money. They say the products they tried promised so much and delivered so little or nothing at all. They try very hard to convince you that their product is not like the others, but if you listen carefully you’ll realise that their presentation follows the same routine as the others and most often their product is no better than the others.

I was in the Mail Order business before the internet existed and some Marketers would put a full page ad in magazines with no intention of supplying the product they advertised. They collected the money and moved from city to city when they were found out. With Internet Marketing it is so much easier to make money selling products that do not deliver what they promise, and the market has grown from a single city to customers worldwide.  I realised back in the year 2000 when I first tried to make money online, that the only people making money were those selling something and If I wanted to make money I had to find something to sell. At that time there was no one offering training on how to make money online so I gave up trying.

Next time you listen to a promotion of a product check their routine, they will tell you that their product is different, they wasted thousands of dollars before obtaining this product. They will tell you how much money it will make you and convince you that you must buy it right away or you would loose your life. They may even tell you that you will never see this offer or page again. They say that you  can get your money back within 30 days if you are not satisfied. Have you ever tried getting that money back. Before you buy these products you should Google them and see what people are saying about them, Check out their product reviews that are not sponsored or solicited by them.

Most important you MUST  check their fine print at the bottom of the page, because after telling you how much money people are making and how much you can make, below is what you can find in their Disclaimer.


” Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential. Even though this industry is one of the few where one can create their own earnings, there is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas in these materials. Examples and testimonials in these materials are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of earnings. Earning potential is entirely dependent on the person using our product, their ideas and techniques. The typical purchaser does not make any money using this system. We do not guarantee income or success.

One of the things they churp you with is a free website offer, but what they are offering you is just the content for a website and that content is advertising their product. To get the website up and running you have to purchase a domain name and pay for web hosting to advertise their products. As I see it, rather than getting a website free I have been tricked into paying to advertise their product with the hope of getting a commission. If you do not know what it takes to optimise that site and have the money to do it you will not make any commissions, so you will be out of pocket. In this business you have to spend money to make money. One of the most important tools you will need is an Auto Responder, I found one with a comprehensive packages of tools that is free for seven days with a very low monthly payment, less than $10.00. It also includes web hosting (you will only have to pay for the domain name) Video production  software, Video hosting, Training and it also provides an additional money stream with it’s 2 x 10 forced Matrix when you introduce others to use it.

An important thing you should practice is to reject the offer, despite how convinced you are by the presentation, if you plan to purchase it, reject it and bring back up the page a second time. You will find that in most cases when you leave the page you will be given a cheaper offer for the same product on the pop over page.